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Making impact visible - facilitated by the SRS

The Social Reporting Initiative e.V. (SRI) supports all types of non-profit organisations to reflect, structure and report on their work in a transparent manner.

For this purpose the Social Reporting Standard (SRS – a guide to outcome-orientated reporting) has been developed. It provides an easy-to-use format to demonstrate your results more convincingly to funders, investors, partner organisations, internal stakeholders, and the public.

Thank you very much for your interest in the SRS. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback - whether and how you are using the SRS. A short message is highly appreciated. Thanks!

SRS - self guided programm

Impact Modeling mit dem SRS

Den Social Reporting Standard (SRS) kennen die meisten als Berichtswerkzeug, mit dem soziale Organisationen ihre...

Webinar - Jahresberichte nach SRS am 26.09.

Wirkung zeigen mit dem SRS: ein Crash-Kurs mit unserem Geschäftsführer Jan Engelmann am 26. September von 18.30-19.30.


Social Reporting Standard | Wirkungsorientierte Berichterstattung für soziale Organisationen