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Who developed the SRS guide?

The idea to develop the Social Reporting Standard (SRS) arose from research endeavours at the Technical University of Munich and the University Hamburg.

The SRS guide is a joint project of Ashoka Germany gGmbH, Auridis gGmbH, BonVenture Management GmbH, PHINEO gAG, Vodafone Stiftung Deutschland, Schwab Foundation, University Hamburg and the Technical University of Munich with the support of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. In 2011 the Social Reporting Initiative e.V. (SRI) association was founded.

On behalf of the involved actors, the association SRI holds all rights concerning the SRS. Additionally, the SRI e.V. works on the dissemination of the SRS, on its development and prospective amendments.

The SRS is on open project - everyone is invited to contribute to its further development.


Social Reporting Standard | Wirkungsorientierte Berichterstattung für soziale Organisationen